“First blog post”

Okay, well technically this isn’t my first blog post in the history of my life’s story, but I’m hoping that this one lasts a bit longer than the two-post “captain’s log” I made little effort to maintain while I was working in Italy.
I suppose I should explain a bit why I am finally re-immersing myself into the blogging world. I mean, it’s not like I honestly expect anyone to read this/find it helpful/etc. If you are…well, hopefully you get something out of this. Hopefully I get something out of this.
The reason I am joining the rest of the millennials in this hopeless quest for internet recognition is three-fold:

  1. I need to sort out the thoughts that are constantly swirling through my mind so I can stop “ruminating” (although that elicits more-so the imagery of a cow processing grass through its multiple stomachs than it does thoughts roaming through my consciousness) and turn these circular thoughts into linear ones that **hopefully** come to some sort of helpful resolution
  2. I’m afraid that I’ve begun to test the patience of my wonderful roommates/best friend/boyfriend by constantly needing to tell them what’s on my mind AT ALL TIMES (what can I say, I’m a communicator. I need to communicate things. If only I weren’t so bad with words -__-)
  3. I have become more dependent on google than I have my own heart, and instead of thinking things over for myself, I have gotten in this habit of searching for the answer via the interweb. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing except for the fact that I am allowing everyone else’s stories/testimonies to determine how I should react to something rather than deciding how *I* feel about that thing.

Will this blog help me in accomplishing these goals? Will it spare the ears/patience of my good friends from having to listen to my constant babbling? Maybe. Will it bring answers to all the questions constantly plaguing my every thought? Most likely not. But it just might help me come to my own understanding of the insanity that makes up the sanity of my mind.

Enjoy ❤




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